Are you looking for daycare? Contact Thuishuis as this is what we do.

What is Thuishuis

A Thuishuis offers small scaled daycare for children. The childminder is always the owner of the Thuishuis and personally runs the daycare. You can discuss the daycare hours, drop off and pick up times with the childminder, along with your individual requirements and questions.

Personal contact

Each Thuishuis only looks after a small group of children; which creates a friendly and homely environment and safe atmosphere. There will be lots of personal contact with the children and of course also with the parents. In every Thuishuis there is plenty of time for personal and individual attention – and at the same time, children can enjoy playing with other children – similar to being in one big family.

Safety and Hygene

A Thuishuis is child safe and is also furnished child friendly. The daycare complies to all legal and safety aspects by law. In every Thuishuis there will be enough space for children to play inside and outside.  For babies and younger children, there will be a separate sleeping area.


Each parent is entitled to child benefit towards the costs of daycare. The amount of benefit depends on your income and the number of children.

In your area

In the North of Holland there are various Thuishuizen.Do you want to know if there is a Thuishuis based near where you live? Search under Thuishuizen for the Thuishuis nearest to you.  For more information you can also make contact directly with the owner of the Thuishuis you are interested in.